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Declamation contests

Declamation contests

I want to share with you some of the essays I wrote for declamation contests during school. Here are some I wrote when I was in classes IV and V: True Friend Make hay while the sun shines

Running Linux scripts on Windows

How to run Linux scripts on Windows.

Portable software

Portable software refers to programs that can be stored onto a media (such as USB drives, CDs, external harddisks etc.) and run directly from there on multiple computers. In other words, software that you can move from one computer to another without the need to re-install. There are a lot of sites that provide such [...]

Benford's law - how to detect fraud through numbers

Benford’s law – how to detect fraud through numbers

How to detect problems pertaining to randomness of numbers using Benford’s law. The theory can be used to detect fraud, evasion of rules etc.

Flower - a painting in green

Flower – a painting in green

Here is one of my nature photographs, from the recent collection Wild flowers of Indian summer: Like it? Post comments.

Installing Knoppix within Windows

There are some problems if you try to install Knoppix within MS Virtual PC 2004. This post shows you how to get it right.