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Microsoft kills DHTML to take on Google

Back in the yesteryears, Microsoft wanted to build a great browser – hence it ensured it was leading the DHTML feature list. Sites began to be developed specifically for Internet Explorer version 4 or 5. At some point however, it realised it had made the browser too powerful – and Google was taking advantage of [...]

Diwali hiatus

Have not been able to post last week due to being busy with the festival of Diwali. It symbolises the victory of good over evil, and is a festival of lights. I may be able to post some pictures later. This is a major North Indian festival and celebrations typically are spread over a week. [...]

The Arrow of Time

Being the fan of Stephen Hawking that I am, it’s quite surprising that I have not devoted even a single blogpost to his works. Let me do that today, with the adding of a new category to this blog: Science & Technology. One of the most interesting of his thoughts is about the arrow of [...]


This blogpost is a contribution from Mr.Broca: an article he had written in the year 1992: Wait friends! You won’t find this word in any dictionary! I’ll explain what it means. ‘Lifafa’ in Hindi means ‘a paper bag’ – the usual ones made from newspapers or magazines etc. ‘Logy’ means the art of gaining knowledge [...]

300 years of blessings by the Guru India is celebrating today 300 years of the inception (consecration) of the Holy Book ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib’ as the spiritual Guru of the Sikhs. It’s a state holiday in Delhi. The celebrations have really started around a year back, on 15th of September 2007. Today the epicenter is Nanded Sahib, where this historic [...]



I wish to share with you today, this photograph I came accross while sifting through my albums: Coming up next: a photo of sunflower oil: its good for the heart they say.