People talk about heritage and inheritance. There are two values that I have inherited from my maternal Grandfather. Today I am going to talk about one of these two values. The other is more personal, I may talk about it some other time.

A Gurdwara, meaning “the doorway to the Guru”, is the Sikh place of worship and is referred to as a “Sikh temple”. My Grandfather would get off his bicycle whenever he reached a Gurdwara and walked the part of the road in front of the Gurdwara. Reaching the other side he would hop on to the bike once again and ride away. “Why do you do this?”, I would ask. His reply would be “Its a way to respect the Guru”.

A small thing, we may feel. However, doing it patiently every single time, especially if the Gurdwara is close to your home and you have to pass it 2-3 times a day, both while coming and going – its tedious to say the least.


Today I have a car but each time I pass by a Gurdwara, I think of this. Will I be able to pass on the legacy to my kids? When I am traveling by the Metro, and I pay homage when I pass by a Gurdwara, people around me (from different religions) copy me. I hope they don’t just forget it – they take it with them. My cab driver started doing it after seeing me. To me it means a lot.


Limericks II


Is Algebra fruitless endeavor?
It seems they’ve been trying for ever
To find x, y, and z
And it’s quite clear to me,
If they’ve not found them yet then they’ll never

Credit: Graham Lester

A wonderful bird is the pelican
His bill can hold more than his belican
He can take in his beak
Food enough for a week
But I’m damned if I see how the helican

Credit: Dixon Merit

A canner exceedingly canny
One morning remarked to his granny:
β€œA canner can can
Any thing that he can
But a canner can’t can a can, can he?”

Credit: Carolyn Wells

There was a young fellow of Wheeling
Endowed with such delicate feeling
When he read on the door,
“Don’t spit on the floor”
He jumped up and spat on the ceiling!


Bread mold

Growing bread mold might sound outrageous, but that is what I did. Here is a photo of what grew:

Bread Mold
Bread Mold

Click on the photo to see the high resolution version.

I realised later, that a sideway photograph might have looked better, because it would show the tendrils, like this photo (source):

Bread Mold - Encyclopedia
Bread Mold - Encyclopedia