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<em>Mool Mantra</em>

Mool Mantra

I share below two flavours of plaques containing the Mool Mantar, and meanings. You can either print them, or use as the desktop wallpaper. Click to enlarge.

<em>Panja Sahib</em>

Panja Sahib

It is my wish to be able to one day visit the Panja Sahib – the Gurdwara in Pakistan where Guru Nanak, in 1521 AD taught Wali Kandhari a lesson. This is what they say happened: Guru Nanak reached Hassan Abdal (a place in Pakistan) and the number of his followers soon exceeded that of [...]

Symbol for the Indian Currency

Symbol for the Indian Currency

Economic Times has started a survey to find a symbol for the Indian currency similar to the Dollar symbol ($). The site shows some proposed designs, and the visitors can vote for one of those, or the visitors can provide their own suggestions. To the left is the symbol proposed by me. Its based on [...]

Scripted thumbnail generation: security perspective

Scripted thumbnail generation: security perspective

While searching for something on the net, I came across some scripts that generate image thumbnail on the fly. For example: While using such scripts we should be aware of the security point of view: your site can easily become a proxy for other people or websites.