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False sense of security

False sense of security provides logo and signature embedded fonts. Per se, there is nothing wrong with the service, and is useful for people who need it. However, a look at the website throws up the claims below. Each one has a quote from me below it on the truth behind the statement. Imagine being able to [...]

Oracle deadlocks: the what and the how

Oracle deadlocks: the what and the how

Everyone knows what a deadlock is: a situation in which two or more competing processes are waiting for the other to finish, and thus neither ever does. The purpose of this post is to help people understanding the deadlock a little better with a view to enable them to fix the problem when they find [...]

Making letter portraits

Making letter portraits

Having been impressed by letter portraits (see right), I wanted to figure out how to do them myself. In addition, I have shown you a lot of my own photos on this blog, without making the readers any wiser on how to do stuff. Better late than never, they say – so lets get started. [...]

Ozymandias - the king of kings

Ozymandias – the king of kings

The frequency of postings having gone down a bit, the readers may be wondering what I am up to. I am preparing for the first anniversary of this blog. Today I want to share with you a second poem that has persisted in my memory since school days – the first one having been Twenty [...]

Aad Sach - Eternal Truth

Aad Sach – Eternal Truth

Continuing the series of Gurbani wallpapers, here is the next one – also in two versions: As always, click on the images to download bigger versions.