Remembering your passwords

Remembering passwords

Remembering passwords

In today’s online world we have to remember a lot of passwords. Security advice is that they must all be different (so that if one account is compromised, we don’t loose the security of all accounts), and be changed every now and then.

It is sometimes difficult to cope with such requirements, without writing down the passwords – and if you do write them down, what happens if you loose your notebook?

The answer to such problems is a piece of software called ‘Password Safe’ – it has been developed under the watchful eyes of a well known security expert. It keeps all your passwords encrypted by one single password. So you only need to remember one password from now on. You can keep the software on a USB pen-drive (its even platform independent so you can run it both on Windows and Linux) and take it along with you – no harm if you loose the pen-drive – no one can retrieve your passwords.

Note that there are a lot of different software applications with the same name, and not all of them may be equally secure. Please download only from

Note: this is not professional advise, use at your own risk.



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  1. [...] Use a strong password, having a mix of letters, numbers and special characters – this one was clearly brute forced which is the easiest way to hack an account other than by social engineering (which is tough if you don’t know the person whose account you are targeting). If you have a tough time coping with passwords, use password safe. [...]

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