Unjumble on mobile using Twitter

Now the English word unjumbling service at unjumble.SeeingWithC.org is also available via Twitter. It can be accessed directly from the mobile phone using text sms messages. This is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up on twitter if you do not already have an account.
  2. If you want to use mobile phone, your number should be linked to it.
  3. Send message “follow dwealth” (without quotes) to follow dwealth.
  4. Send message “follow t411” (without quotes) to follow t411 which is the parent bot in use.
  5. That’s it, for the setup (configuration)!

When you want to unjumble a word, send a message d t411 unj word where word is the word to be unjumbled to twitter. For example if you SMS

d t411 unj heepntla

you will get a response message containing the word “elephant”.

Please use this, and post comments. Also let me know what will make this more useful.



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4 Responses to “ Unjumble on mobile using Twitter ”

  1. Nice, like this feature – I can now unjumble on the go.

  2. This is a great news cause their are many of twitter user are waiting for this.

  3. unjumble “tanudl” a human baby grows into it.

  4. “tanudl” does not unjumble into any english word. Perhaps this is a misprint – the real word seems to be “adult”.

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