Of famous backgrounds

This photo was never intended for my blog: I never considered it quality enough – but lets start at the beginning.

I saw that computer generated art is quite popular on Flickr – so I said why not? I spent all of 5 minutes in creating a piece of ‘art’. When finished, to me it looked okay but nothing great. So I uploaded it.

Background I

Background I

To me it looks like sound waves emanating from a beating drum. What does it look like to you?

Next day I was surprised to see that the photo had become my most popular photograph. Above in popularity some photos which I had spent hours ‘creating’. Strange is life, they say. So encouraged, I made some more photos in the same way, but this time spending a lot more time to make the result more beautiful. Whether I have been successful is for you to decide.

A collage of colors

A collage of colors





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2 Responses to “ Of famous backgrounds ”

  1. Try Terragen! Its a great tool to make near real images and landscapes.

  2. I liked the first image alot, it reminded me of time speeding past as in solar time waves or some such thing… swooooosh… Life is but a blur, a mere speck in the grand scheme of all.

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