Google releases Chrome

Google recently released its new web-browser called Google Chrome.
Microsoft had to undergo so many legal battles just because it released a web-browser for free. Today, there are so many free (and good) browsers available. Some credit should go to Microsoft for getting the ball rolling and providing thought leadership to free (as in free of charge) software 🙂

I am yet to try this one out – waiting for the Linux version. Will post an update once I have tried it out. My current favourite is still Firefox.

UPDATE June 08 2009: I tried Chrome – it has some nice features, but still cannot challenge Firefox. The main advantage is that it has an uncluttered interface, and leaves a lot of room for the ‘content’ – having minimal toolbars etc.


5 thoughts on “Google releases Chrome”

  1. I’m well aware of all that legal stuff, but to summarise the reason for it all as “because it released a web-browser for free” is laughable and does not reflect the reality of the situation.

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