Gurbani search on Nokia!

After working on this for more than two months, I am successful in setting up my Nokia N97 phone to be able to search Gurbani. I normally use for this, but Gurmukhi characters would not show.

Nokia N97
Nokia N97
After working on this for more than two months, I am successful in setting up my Nokia N97 phone to be able to search Gurbani. I normally use for this, but Gurmukhi characters would not show.

One easy way to fix this, without adding Gurmukhi Unicode fonts to the mobile, is to install Opera Mini (not the full version, Opera Mobile). Now, enter config: as a URL which takes you to advanced settings page. Set Use bitmap fonts for complex scripts to Yes and then Save. That’s it, now visit

If you want to add Gurmukhi support to other applications also, the solution is here; in short:

  1. Download this file
  2. Unzip, and upload the four TTF files to the /resource/fonts folder on the memory card. Retain the file names.
  3. Restart the phone!

Now, visit using the default browser. It works! (although the rendering is still incorrect but its better than nothing). Opera Mini based method advised first has correct rendering also, although it will involve higher data download.

I use a combination of both, for best results. However, the second solution comes with a caveat: once the phone is using these fonts, if you connect it to the PC in the mass media mode, the phone reboots. To avoid this each time you need to connect, you will need to remove the card (by pressing the power butting, going all the way down and selecting the remove card option; and then physically removing the card) and then attach the phone to the PC. If you want to connect the card itself to the PC, you will need to use a card reader.

This should also work for other Nokia phones, including 5800EX although I have tried it only for N97.

Once I did this, I was also able to read Gurmukhi emails using the Gmail mobile app. Also, there is a nice browser called UC which can be downloaded from here and also can render Gurmukhi once these fonts are used.

Note that once you update fonts using this approach, all content on the phone will be displayed using this font. If you do not like that, you can always go back and remove these four files and restart the phone.

I am also eagerly awaiting the release of Symbian version of GurbaniAnywhere which will allow me to search Gurbani even without Internet access.

NOTE: Please do post comments if you know of other, better ways of doing this, especially those that do not require an internet connection.

UPDATE 17th Jan 2012: There is now an App for NOKIA for this purpose (please see comment below). Can be installed from


8 thoughts on “Gurbani search on Nokia!”

  1. waheguru ji ka khalsa..
    wajeguru ji ki fateh….
    a simple way to read gurbani on mobile is by using adobe mobile pdf reader, as this can run almost any pdf and is free of any charge. just load your device with pdf’s and read them…

  2. I think GurbaniEverywhere is what will solve this problem.

    GurbaniEverywhere creates HTML files that are locally stored (on the memory card or phone memory) and can be displayed using the phone’s web browser.

    The files created will work with any phone that has a web browser and supports the viewing of locally stored HTML files.

    GurbaniEverywhere works by creating images of each Gurmukhi word and saving these images in an HTML file which can be read like a normal document.

    Check it out at

    Feedback welcome!

  3. i cant find any folder named Resource in the memory card of my mobile its nokia 5233. i have tried making a folder manually with the same name but the phone does not allow it. please help me around. thanking in advance

    1. Excellent stuff Alvinder. Thank you on behalf of the community for developing this.

      I installed this today, is a 21MB download (expectedly) but installs automatically on the flash disk. Packs in a huge feature set (I would have loved even an app with fewer features), with a little bit of “polishing” it can beat any app out there.

      Great work, especially someone who is learning and working.

  4. i have an 5233 nokia set .in this gurbani anywhere or i sikhi softwhere can installed or not reply fast thanks sir

    1. Hello Shaminder Singh

      No, sorry you cannot run either of these on Nokia. The following options are available:

      1. Use GFind as described in this blog post: (does not require any install, but does need Internet connection to work)

      2. Use GurbaniExplorer. This is available here:

      3. There is also a software called GurbaniEverywhere (note Everywhere not Anywhere), which can be used for offline reading (does not have search facility).

      Hope this helps, do not forget to come back and post feedback once you use these.

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