The iPad

Okay this blog has just received the distinction of having been authored using three different classes of devices – a cellphone, normal PC and an iPad. So far I love the iPad – here are some key notes (after upgrade to 4.2):

  • Much to my pleasant surprise, the indic text renders excellently on Safari. Many websites had indicated that this would not works, and though the iPhone supports indic rendering, the iPad doesn’t.
  • I was able to get 3G working using MTNL provider in India. I had to cut the SIM into the microsim size, and update the APN settings as shown in various forums.
  • It’s a pleasure to work on this magical machine. Typing is quite easy and the image for this writeup was also edited and cropped on the iPad itself.
  • GurbaniAnywhere worked fine even on iOS 4.2
  • Excellent Push mail support for both Exchange, and Gmail (in order to get Push on Gmail, it has to be setup as an Exchange email rather than as Gmail)

However as with anything, there are caveats:

  • Haven’t jail broken this yet, but will most certainly have to if I intend to unlock full use of this gadget. For example, even though Bluetooth is supported, I cannot use it for transferring files from my mobile to the iPad. I can only use it, for examle, to attach a keyboard. The filesystem is protected and there is no way to organize media into folders.
  • I wish the autocapitalization feature would be a bit smarter. My Nokia N97 is much better in this regard.

Other than that this is a very useful and portable gadget. I find it all the more useful since I have a Nokia phone – it might not have been such a useful complement to the iPhone.


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