Losing and getting back WordPress comments

This sleepy Saturday afternoon I logged into my blog, saw there were two comments awaiting approval, noted both were SPAM. So, I marked them that – and purged them permanently. There was a warning sign that I should have made note of, but did not until after the permanent deletion. Instead of two, 20 comments got deleted – meaning along with 2 SPAM ones, 18 meaningful ones got deleted as well.

BAM!!! I value each comment, as they sometimes add significant value to the content of the post. I was lost – what do I do?

First thought was to check my backup – I maintain a backup of my blog, however in this case the backup was more than 6 months old while these comments were less than a month old.

Not losing heart, I realised my hosting provider might have a backup. However, the provider is based out of US and had not opened yet. I left them a message. Reading the FAQ I thought I might have a chance if I can get in touch with them quickly. They only maintained a copy of the most current data, hence contacting them sooner might save the day. That was not to be: they started work two hours later and then got back to me saying that the backup was about 30 minutes old – which is after the comments were deleted. Not good. I was in despair now.

It was time to go to sleep now, and there was barely anything more that I could have done. Next morning I woke up still with a feeling of sadness, and then I had a brainwave. I get an email whenever someone posts a message to my blog. This email contains the message posted. I could check my email box, search for these messages and repost them myself!!!

A quick search on my Nokia N97 revealed I still had those emails. Paradise regained!!!


4 thoughts on “Losing and getting back WordPress comments”

  1. The word is “losing”, NOT “loosing”. (In your title AND 4th paragraph).
    If you’re gonna be a writer, please check a dictionary when you don’t know the differences between simple words.
    It reflects badly on your comprehension of English, and disinclines those who might read your article from checking it out… they wonder that if you can’t get the simplest spelling, how accurate will the rest of your article be?
    “Lose” (rhymes with “ruse”) is what you did with your comments.
    “Loose” (rhymes with “juice”) means not-tight, sloppy, unfastened.

    1. Thanks for suggesting correction. While we are normally careful about spelling and grammar, occasional mistakes cannot be avoided – no blog or writer can boast of error free writing. Alert readers like yourself help us correct those.

      One mistake in the entire blog speaks for our quality.

  2. dear hardeep sat siri akal, im naseem khan from karachi/pakistan
    photography is my passion, today 9th december/2011, i visited flickr.com, i appreciate here a very beautiful picture, arc , where panja sahab,expressed his hand print of five fingers, lateron clear and cold water erupted,, this holy water further irregate entire hassan abdal, arch of the window is excellent really.really this is panja sahabs most beautiful worship place,people like you may projegt this beautiful place in more better way,come to pakistan
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    you can find food of your own taste every where in hassan abdal,acomodation is not costly.hope you make your tour economical,on return dont forget shoping of dry fruits.
    naseem khan

    1. Sat Sri Akal Naseem, sure – I want to make the journey one day. With the Guru’s blessing will happen sooner rather than later. Thanks for your message.

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