Bloggers NOT for Advani

BloggersIts election time in India once again, and Mr. L.K.Advani, of the BJP has asked for support from Bloggers. However, nowhere on his blog he mentions why they should support him.

His own party condemned him for his views on Jinnah, he has competition from the likes of Modi and the party does not have a clear leader.

The campaigning is all negative: finding faults with the Congress government, with NO mention of a vision for the country or what he will do if brought to power.

Last of all, he is foolish enough to say “it should be legislated that a PM should be a member of the Lok Sabha”. Anyone can understand that he said this because Manmohan Singh is not a LS member. Is he so afraid of competing against Manmohan Singh? He knows he cannot win any other way: so outlaw the candidature of current PM!


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