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I have been forced to pull out the ‘bloggers not for Advani’ picture.


BJP (the opposition party) just can’t figure it out. It’s not endearing itself to people by doing this. Burning buses, bringing the Metro to a halt: we all hate price rise but this is not the right way to get yourself heard. Who will pay for all the damaged property? What image are you creating in front of the outside world that is watching?

If the BJP wants to show something to the people – here is challenge for them. Let them improve customer satisfaction at government offices. It’s not impossible, and at least its productive. We visited the MTNL office in Delhi today to buy a simple SIM card. There was a 5 window process, and amidst talking to us, the lady suddenly left – later we realised she had gone for lunch. She needed to sign the form, something that takes 10 seconds – and we had to wait for an hour just for that. She could at least have warned us! They have a one hour lunch – can you imagine such luxury in today’s world – 30 min. is the norm everywhere with most people just using 15 min. That too, leaving exactly at 1 PM she came back after 2.05 PM.

Well, let the BJP handle this and they will have my vote for sure.


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