True Friend

An essay on ‘true friend’ I wrote when I was in school.

Friendship is the most precious relationship for a man, as, it not only shows his humanity, but also proves that he is really a social animal. We have often heard what true friends have done for their friends, what sacrifices they have made, what troubles they have borne. Let us see something about true friendship from the currently popular TV serial ‘Ramayana’. Lord Rama, in order to help friend Sugriva, killed Bali. While doing so, his thoughts for going to rescue Sita first received a lower priority. Friendship came first.

Poet Tulsidas has said, that he is a true friend who on seeing his friend in the smallest difficulty, feels that it is his greatest difficulty, and is ready to sacrifice everything for him.

A true friend is a companion on the path of life. When he sees us falling, he extends his warm hand, to give us courage to face the challenges and restores our self confidence. He is our well-wisher. A true friend, becomes part and parcel of our life.

Poet Bhartuhari shows the sign of a true friend. “He saves him from sins; he hides his faults; he highlights his virtues; he never leaves him in times of difficulty. Such a friend is of more value, than the entire wealth of Lord Kubera!!”

Selection of a true friend is indeed very difficult! Most often we are charmed by his outward physical appearance, his smart ways of talking, his humour etc. However, just as the purity of gold is known only when it is heated, similarly a true friend is he who gives us company during times of trouble, doubles our joys, divides our sorrows and shows no selfishness. That is why we quote the saying “a friend in need is a friend indeed!”.

One has to be very careful in recognizing and choosing his friends. If one lands into wrong company, it can lead to his downfall. A common example is of drug addicts. A man is therefore known by the company he keeps. ‘Show me your company and I will show you what type of a man you are.’

Therefore one has to be very careful in selecting a true friend. Every first acquaintance cannot be or become a true friend. True friendship is a rare commodity but worth possessing.


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