India Gate

India Gate is a war memorial situated at New Delhi, India. Since India’s independence, India Gate has become the site of the Indian Army’s Tomb of the Immortal Soldier, known as the Amar Jawan Jyoti. Want to share some of my photos of the memorial below.

India Gate - going for a shower
India Gate - going for a shower
India Gate - traffic zooming by
India Gate - traffic zooming by
India Gate - up close
India Gate - up close

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5 thoughts on “India Gate”

  1. About the shot with the water:

    I think would work better if it was framed with more empty space in front and less behind. You might try flipping it but I don’t think that would work because of the reflection.

  2. Mmm that first one is very nice, I mean the light that shows in the
    riples of the water. Always an added bonus when it comes to pictures.
    Maybe the corner it is taken from is a bit..nah it is fine.

  3. I really like the one of the Gate with the reflection in the water though I would have cropped a bit more of the dark area out on the right. Even with the light reflected at the bottom, I find my eye drawn to the big area of dark at the top rather than to the gate itself.

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