When I left GNPS

I was a student of Guru Nanak Public School, Chandigarh from class III to X. I have a lot of fond memories of the school, and want to visit it again some day. I found and visited the website of the school today (it did not have one those days, of course) and was glad to know that few of the teachers – Mrs. T. Gill, Mrs. Satnam, Mrs. Veena (Music), Mrs. Daljit (Religious studies) are still with the school. The then Principal, Mr. Romesh Puri is not with the school, but the supervisor Mrs. Aparajita still is. The English and Maths teachers respectively – Mrs. Lehri and Mr. Barun are not listed. I could not find anyone known to me in the alumni list – in fact there seemed to be no one from our batch. Our batch just seems to have vanished into thin air – they are not even on Orkut!

When I was leaving the school, this is what the English teacher wrote in my autograph book:

Dearest Hardeep,

Life is like a garden – full of flowers and thorns – tread carefully and you’ll have the best of Nature and God’s creations. Be like the flower that gives out fragrance to everyone, pleases everyone with its beauty and leaves its mark on every heart. May God be with you in all spheres of life.

With all my love and blessings
Mari Lehri
15th May, 93

Nice – isnt it? I am trying hard, Ma’am 🙂 Have I lived life this way so far? That’s hard to decide – may be not.


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