Fifth Pauri (Step 5)

Concluding a series on five Pauri gurbani wallpapers, I present the last set. The Guru continues to explain what God is, and how to find Him.

Fifth Pauri, Part 1 Fifth Pauri, Part 2
Fifth Pauri, Part 3 Fifth Pauri, Part 4

Also available as a single image:

Fifth Pauri
Fifth Pauri

The word Naad has several interpretations by different people. For some, it refers to the unheard sound current that emanates from Him – it can only be heard by the spiritually uplifted. For others, the phrase “Gurmukẖ nāḏaʼn” refers to the fact that Knowledge about Him can only be obtained through the Guru’s word.

I released the first wallpaper in this series on March 8th last year. Strangely, this last one got completed around the same time this year. A total of 21 wallpapers, requiring around 50 hours of time at the computer completed over a year. Reading this if I have incited thirst for more in even a single believer, I would consider this work well worth (please post a comment).

For those interested further, I recommend Giani Sant Singh Maskeen’s commentary available easily on the net or can be purchased as CDs (nearly 20 hours). Another excellent resource is – however, on the website I would encourage readers to switch on “Punjabi Bhai Manmohan Singh” to get a comprehensive view (just reading the English version doesn’t provide a lot of insight).


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