Multiple internet connections – single PC


Many of us have more than one internet connections these days. I have a wired broadband connection (slower but unlimited), and a 3G connection on my mobile (faster but limited to 2GB) – which can be used on the PC via Nokia wifi tethering (Joikuspot).

I want my PC to use both at the same time, and have different applications use different modes of connecting. For example, Lotus Notes (or Outlook), and SSH – these I want to connect using the unlimited wired connection; but Firefox – which I use the most and frustrates me if its slow – should be on the faster 3G connection. Your specification might be different, but if you need to use two different connections, read on.

I use software called ForceBindIP for this. The step by step procedure:

  1. Connect your PC to both the connections. I connect one via Ethernet port and the other via wifi. Since I want all applications (except one) to use the Ethernet, I connect that one first, and start the applications which I want to use that with. Second, I connect to the wifi one.
  2. Open the command prompt (Go to Start->Run, and type cmd).
  3. Type ipconfig and press enter.
  4. You will see some output. We will need to figure out the IP address (four numbers, separated by dots) of the wifi connection. Look under Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection and against IP address. For me the number is
  5. Find out the path to the application you want to open linked to this new Internet connection. For example, “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe”
  6. Now, back in the command window, write something like:

    ForceBindIP -i "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

  7. This should open up Firefox.

You are all set. Enjoy! If you face any problems, please do let me know via comments.


Portable software

Portable software refers to programs that can be stored onto a media (such as USB drives, CDs, external harddisks etc.) and run directly from there on multiple computers. In other words, software that you can move from one computer to another without the need to re-install.

There are a lot of sites that provide such software for download. Google for “portable software” in general, or, say for “portable firefox” in particular. My favourite portable apps are the GIMP, and portable FileZilla (a GUI FTP tool).

Cygwin is a Linux like environment for Windows. It can run within Windows and access the filesystem. Its very useful to people like me who need Windows as the main OS, but need to test Linux shell scripts and other utilities. I even have a portable version of Cygwin, created based on these instructions. In fact, I was able to improve the procedure slightly. If someone needs help, please contact me through comments. I want to upload the ISO of the DVD created – if someone can provide the bandwidth and hosting space, I can mail a copy of the DVD to him.


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