Limericks I

There was a young lady called Kate,
who played in the dark with her date.
When asked whether he had seduced her,
she smiled and said – no it amused her,
My dear, it wasn’t a man – it was a computer.

There was a young lady named Mabel,
so ready, so willing, so able.
One day full of spice,
asked her boss his price,
Alas! his “lap top” wasn’t affordable.

A poor lass wishing to learn computer,
went in search of a helpful tutor.
He said “My fee would be in kind”,
She replied “Oh, I dont mind”,
For – paying it in cash didnt suit her.

There was a pompous young girl from the heights,
Who said “I have my own website!”,
to impress the young man beside her.
She thought he would be, but he was wiser you see,
For he said “are you a lady or spider?”


From Floppy to Flash drives

Its amazing to see how fast the cyber world is changing. In 1995, when I took up computer science as a subject, we used PCs (without a harddisk) and 5.25 inch floppies. There was only one PC-XT in our lab – those that came with a harddisk. There was no LAN, no battery backup. I saw those things for the first time when I joined college. There we used mostly XTs and ATs, with one 386 and we got a 486 later. Today we have flash drives and one who hasn’t used a floppy cannot realise what a boon flash is: reliable, high speed, high capacity. With floppies we had to keep the same material in two floppies at any given time since a single floppy was too risky: could fail any time. There would even be times when both would fail – leaving you without an option.

Without power backup, I got the habit of saving frequently. I still have this habit although we have reliable power backups now. It still happens rarely though – that we are not able to save – say because a remote connection stopped suddenly – and if it does happen, I am always smiling! The others are almost always crying.

The web has also changed a lot. When I built my website in around 2000 we didn’t have:

  • Social networking bookmarks (Digg, Reddit)
  • Pingbacks in blogging
  • YouTube (although, I still don’t use it that much) and video sharing
  • The use of XML was limited
  • RSS feeds
  • Podcasting
  • globally recognized avatars – especially MonsterIds

There have been a lot of interesting public supported projects:

Update 18th March 2009: It seems I left out AJAX – a framework that allows part of a web page to reload, without having to reload the entire page. Web programming isnt the same again after AJAX.


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