What is leadership?

Today I attended a session with one of top leaders in our company. He gave an example of what his understanding is of leadership: when people are rowing a boat, there is one leader and the rest are followers. The more synchronization there is, the better team performance there will be. Fast may not the best – synchronized is best.
Change the calm waters environment to a turbulent one: river rafting. Here, the same model cannot work. There is still a leader and a team, but there is no time to communicate. Hence, each one must do best in his own situation and the leader – having provided some cues initially – must entrust the team. This is how project teams should be given turbulent times of today.

A true leader first makes the team capable of taking the right decisions, and then empowers them to make decisions and bear consequences – even if the decisions taken by the team are different from what he would have taken himself.


Technical analysis

Technical Analysis
Technical Analysis
Technical analysis is a collection of methods to predict future stock prices taking into account only the past and present data – prices and (optionally) volume. There is no consideration given to the fundamentals of the company or the industry under consideration.

I personally use technical analysis(TA) only after I have zeroed in onto a company that I want to invest in. That is, I use it to determine when to enter (buy) and when to exit (sell). Over and above that – I do not execute blindly the output from TA. I look at the market sentiment, company and industry timing etc. Even so, technical analysis does help me big time with the decision making.

How is TA performed? No need to understand that. Attached is a spreadsheet that will help you carry out TA based on different indicators: Moving average, Moving Average Convergence / Divergence or Relative strength index.
The spreadsheet is here: AutoTech.

How is this spreadsheet different from others available online?

  • This sheet doesn’t require you to interpret the graph. While the graph is still created, which you can check, or create additional graphs based on the data, its not really required – you can read the interpretations directly. The sheet gives you buy/sell advice directly based on the indicator you select.
  • The sheet does not require you to buy MS Excel if you do not have it. It works fine with Openoffice Portable. I have already talked about portable apps – this one is free as well.

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