Panja Sahib

Panja SahibThe photo is by Shafqat Mirza kindly donated by him to CC-BY license on my request, and digitally enhanced by me.
Panja Sahib

It is my wish to be able to one day visit the Panja Sahib – the Gurdwara in Pakistan where Guru Nanak, in 1521 AD taught Wali Kandhari a lesson. This is what they say happened: Guru Nanak reached Hassan Abdal (a place in Pakistan) and the number of his followers soon exceeded that of Wali Kandhari – who had been living as a ‘saint’ in the area for some time. So, he stopped the flow of water to the people of the village. Guru Nanak sent his disciple Mardana to him to request him to let the water flow. However, Wali Kandhari mocked them, and did not relent.

So Guru Nanak, lifted a stone, and from below a spring of water appeared. Angered on seeing this Wali Kandhari dislodged a big stone from the top of the hill intending to hurt Guru Nanak and his followers. However, Guru Nanak lifted his hand and this stopped the stone where it was. This hand is imprinted in the stone.

Click here to read a more detailed account of this.

There is another historic event that happened at this same place more recently, when a British Government train was passing through Hassan Abdal and having Sikh protestors being taken to the jail. Sikh people at the Gurdwara wanted to feed the protestors, but the British Government (coming to know about this) decided not to stop the train at the station. Read about that, and the courageous Sikhs here.


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