Color coded invoice

As the project manager of a software project, I need to provide invoicing information every month end. I used to find this task rather boring, especially since I had to count hours and provide numerical data in multiple formats: one for the invoicing system in use by the company, another for the finance team and yet another as per client specifications (since he wanted it on a week basis, rather than on month basis as used by the company wide system).
So the same figures, in different formats – can be done, but was boring each month.

One fine day, I found this, and created this: Invoice_Dashboard

All you have to do is to setup the sheet once, with your employee details. After that, select the holiday periods using colors, and press Update. All the calculations will be done using the colors that you have given to the cells. Its easy to understand and verify: all one has to do is the check the colors – since the rest is automatic there cannot be a mistake. This excel sheet can easily be made to give out the “figures” in any format. Try it out, and post comments. Invoicing is no longer a boring job: in fact this colours approach has lot many more uses.

Note on licensing: this spreadsheet uses third party code, which I have permission to distribute – please do not distribute this spreadsheet or derivatives. The license applicable elsewhere on this blog is not applicable to this spreadsheet.

An example
An example

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