Limericks I

There was a young lady called Kate,
who played in the dark with her date.
When asked whether he had seduced her,
she smiled and said – no it amused her,
My dear, it wasn’t a man – it was a computer.

There was a young lady named Mabel,
so ready, so willing, so able.
One day full of spice,
asked her boss his price,
Alas! his “lap top” wasn’t affordable.

A poor lass wishing to learn computer,
went in search of a helpful tutor.
He said “My fee would be in kind”,
She replied “Oh, I dont mind”,
For – paying it in cash didnt suit her.

There was a pompous young girl from the heights,
Who said “I have my own website!”,
to impress the young man beside her.
She thought he would be, but he was wiser you see,
For he said “are you a lady or spider?”


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