Affiliate and other interesting links:

  1. Web Archive
  2. The Sikhism Blog
  3. Potted Flowers on Wikimedia Commons
  4. Panja Sahib Photograph
  5. Panja Sahib history on Wikipedia
  6. Convert handwriting into font! Generate your own fonts – as simple as that.
  7. An animated GIF showing phases of the moon: its REAL – from real photographs of the moon. Simply lovely.
  8. Gen. Hari Singh Nalwa
  10. Normal distribution, an interesting lay person explanation
  11. Guru Nanak in Turkey
  12. The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks
  13. Rosa
  14. Implicit curve applet
  15. contact lens – Find the contacts you need at a discount price from Just Lenses. Contact lenses for less right to your door.
  16. Excellent writeup on today’s web security – must read for every developer

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