Eclipse 1 Aug 2008

I just now watched and photographed the solar eclipse from New Delhi in India. Here we had only a partial view.

Ok, here is the much awaited photograph:

Eclipse 1st Aug 2008
Eclipse 1st Aug 2008

The sun shining on the right is a photograph of the overall scene where I was. Eclipses continue to entice me – I have been avidly following them since 1995 when I saw a total solar eclipse in Ranchi. Even the birds seemed confused when the sun rays were blocked.

Here is computer colored image that shows a total solar eclipse in its full glory.

In Hindu mythology, Arjuna vowed to kill Jaidhrath before Sunset, else he would commit suicide. The opponents made Jaidhrath to hide thinking that since Arjuna would be unable to find him, he wouldn’t kill him and would have to commit suicide. However, on the day of the battle, towards the evening, a total solar eclipse occurred and everybody thought the day has ended. Jaidhrath came out of the hiding thinking that Arjuna would commit suicide. At just that moment the eclipse ended, the sun shone brightly and Arjuna, realising that the day is not yet over, killed Jaidhrath.

I have a collection of Eclipses (both Lunar and Solar) from many different sources – some my own and others from magazines.


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