The Moon

I have always wanted to photograph the moon along with the ‘features’ – the dark spots etc on the surface of moon. Here is a photograph that I finally took recently:

Not bad, but I guess there is room for improvement. Maybe, a shot of the not-so-full moon would look better. Also, I came to know after I took this shot that camera setting advised for such a shot is f/11 1/250 seconds. I will be trying these, and posting here in case I get a better picture.

UPDATE 22nd Sep 2008: I have a new shot, much better compared to above:

Cresent Moon
Cresent Moon

I used 1/60 sec at the smallest aperture available, ISO 80.


Gurbani Wallpaper

Attached below is a Gurbani wallpaper that I have created and intend to submit to for inclusion in their wallpaper collection for downloads. It comes in six flavours, each slightly different – select the one that you like most.
Saajanada 1 Saajanada 2 Sajanada 3 Sajanada 4 Saajanada 5 Saajanada 6

The wallpaper is a composite: the pebbles background was photographed by me in Goa, the Gurmukhi text and meanings is computer graphics, but the Ik Onkar is not. The Ik Onkar is also a photograph taken in slowshutter, and with a flashlight that I moved by hand to make the shape.

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